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I see you. I'm afraid of getting an electric shock. I can't see you. I need to recharge my batteries. Without you, I think I'll be out of power.


You want to think of you: every morning and evening;: clouds and fog; you think you want to: the ideal setting for a couple in love: fundus; heart; think of you: life! Happy Valentine's Day!


If living is God's greatest gift to me, then living with you will be God's greatest gift to me.


Meet always nod, want to say always difficult to open, the line of sight intersection moment, I have felt your gentleness.


If I were a billionaire, I would buy all the roses from the world and give them to you. Am I rich? No, that's why I can only give my heart.


There is no reason to love you, there is no reason, in the daytime you are the sun, in the evening you are the moon, rain, you are my umbrella, cold weather, you are my clothes.


You want to can't sleep sleep, read your heart pounding; possessed by ghosts love you, love you love meat straight out!


I am not in your side, you have to wear warm cold, hungry you want to eat, sleep a good dream, only dream of me, I had nothing to do!


Because of love, the spirit of love let me grow wings, so I want to fly, want to immediately fly to your side, always look at you in your side to protect you.


Also hope that you work harder, do not give up on yourself, one day you will get your own happiness!


Baby: I have a toothache recently, because I often miss you at night, it feels too sweet and will decay.


I didn't know there was you in the world, then I found it and kept looking for it in the crowd. Now I finally found it, so I decided to love you forever.


Without you, the color is a single, without you, the food is tasteless, without you, I am hollow!


If I fall in love with you is also a mistake, I am convinced that this will be the most beautiful mistake in life, I would rather the wrong life.


"You couldn't see my tears cause I am in the water." fish said to water. "But I could feel your tears cause you are in me." answered water.


I would like to say to you, in my heart, you are all to me, and I do not ask you to love me with the same amount, just to have your comfort and understanding.


Like, is just a touch of love. Love is liking deeply. I hope I won't have to take you home later, but we'll go back to our home together.


Silly children, true love does not need any festival. It is April Fool's day. I love you.


Call my asthma, SMS by hands soft, give you every two or three days rinse, to accompany you to go shopping with short legs, bitchy figure a what? You'll take over the rest of your life!


I have a little secret in mind. Do you want to know? Let the wind whisper to you, I like you, really good like.


You are the shore, I am the ship, you are the sun, I turn for you, you can count happiness, to me, the world is not changed.


Look at your eyes, I see the sea, the blue sky, and see the beautiful future!


Marriage is visible, love is invisible; greetings are seen, and care is invisible. But I love you, it's obvious.


It's really a miracle. It's like I've seen you in a dream. Don't laugh at me, fool. All I say is a psychological secret!


My heart is not empty, but there is always an empty space in my heart. No one can use it because it's your special seat.


I see you. I'm afraid of getting an electric shock. I can't see you. I need to recharge my batteries. Without you, I think I'll be out of power.


Miss you too heavy, cut off the phone line, burned out the phone card, dig out the wallet bag, eat up sleeping pills, alas! But I still want to see you.


In my eyes only you, you are the miracle in my life; my heart only you, you are the only thing that I can't miss!


I've always wanted to thank you, and thank you for being in my life. I always wanted to tell you, tell you, I really love you.


You and I see each other is a fate, we cherish each other this hard won feelings. I hope I can accompany you for the rest of my life.


I think I really like a person, he will be moved by my heart, but I do not know, really touched by only himself.


Never fade is the silent care for you, never stop is the endless yearning for you, never change is deep love for you.


Hold your hand, every morning and evening, hold your hand, waiting for tomorrow, hold your hand, through life, hold your hand, generation after generation.


I would like to stay by your side all my life, make your quilt in winter, and be your fan in summer.


With the sun, the earth only turn, with the earth, the moon is turning, with the moon, starlight is so brilliant, with you, my world is so rich romantic.


Love really, Italy earnestly, a piece of Acacia will cease, the moon relies on the floor. Love leisurely leisurely thought, when love which Hugh, except water.


Miss you, miss you, miss you, find a painter draw you, put you in the cup, drink water every day, kiss you!


Fall in love with you, hug you without demur, every two or three days to come to you, four no kiss you marry to you within five days, not separate for sixty years!


I know it is impossible for us, but I still love you sincerely. Although I really want to forget you to hate you, but I really can not do it.


Our story should be the most moving, the most real, because we love each other without any original impulse, we really need each other's care. 


If you are the ship in my dream that holds the mast, I will be the quiet bay, the soft waves and the charming beaches.


Some people use their mouths to love, and I love them with my heart. Maybe I will lose a lot, but I won't regret it.


I love you, but I dare not say, I am afraid I said, I will die soon, I am not afraid of death, I am afraid I am dead, and no one loves you as I do!


You are the wind, I am sand, you are toothpaste, I am the brush, you are Hami, I am melon, you do not love me, I commit suicide.


I want to tell you: love is fate, love is moving, love is a habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is understanding, love is a lifetime commitment!


You are the wind, I am the sand, you are the leather shoes, I am the brush, you ignore me, I commit suicide.


Together, the day is very dull, seems placid, but the ordinary day is the most romantic, right?


Your eyes tenderness, withstand words and a thousand words, your lips to smile, is my source of happiness!


Maybe you don't care. Maybe you don't remember. Maybe you're laughing now. Maybe this text will let you know that there are some people who are watching you silently!


The craziest thing in life is to fall in love with you. The best hope is to have you with me for a lifetime.


I love the moon, love it, love it, love it, love it. I love you, love you, love you, love you.


Because I don't trust myself, my life will be with you, I have been searching for centuries, this life can not let you go away from my arms.


There is no desert in the world. Every time I think of you, God drops a grain of sand, and then I have sahara!


You see, is the most real me, a never ending movement, moved the world, you and I this most beautiful existence.


If you are the mountain, I would like to be a river, I am around you; if you are tea, I would like to be boiled water, I soak you; if you are the clouds, I would like the wind, I chase you.


Time cannot erase my thoughts of you even if Haikudanlan, your shadow forever in my heart.


In the vast sea of people, met you, is a fate, only hope to use my sincerity in exchange for your true feelings.


You want to think of you: every morning and evening;: clouds and fog; you think you want to: the ideal setting for a couple in love: fundus; heart; think of you: life!


If it were not for loving you, how could you have not been sleepy at night? If it were not for loving you, how could you sigh? The world only you do not understand. I love you!


In order for you to pay attention to this message, maybe you will delete, but, my name, in your mind, but also left a memory!


Red flowers, green leaves, big apple, one day, do not see me die, you are a lamp in my previous life, to illuminate my later life!


Past life, you must love me too deep, let me owe you this life. I asked what I fell in love with you, let me in deep distress.


I'm not doing well today. It's good to see a pretty girl smile. Can you smile for me? No dummy, okay?


Because I love you, so I will remember you. Because I love you, so I will forget you. Meet you in this life, originally is the meeting of birds and fishes.


Open my eyes, I only have eyes for you. Close my eyes, only you in my eyes. With glasses, my four eyes only you.


The furthest distance is not between life and death, but when I stand in front of you yet you don't know that I love you.


If possible, I would like to spend every minute of my life with you.


First go, bye, all for nothing, to heart, took pains to heart, does your heart, do not know my heart!


The brief of life creates the eternity of love. Pretty girl, please don't indulge in self-admiration, open your heart and accept my roses.

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